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Hello there.

Welcome to ACLInjuryPro.com.

My name is Jim Wnek.

Located here in the greater chicagoland area.
I am the Founder and Owner of CORE1inc. an Sports Training and Athlete-Only Physical Therapy company.

My team and I have been training and rehabbing athletes for many years.

We also own and run: Total Energy Bootcamp and Crossfit Paradox also located in the greater chicagoland area.

Through those many years of working in the sports medicine and sports training field the ACL is a very HOT topic.

Common questions you need or want answers for:

  • What is the ACL?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why do girls get injured more than boys?
  • How do I know if I hurt it?
  • What do I do if I did hurt it?
  • What can I do to prevent hurting it?
  • When should I go to the doctor?
  • How long is rehab?
  • etc ….. etc …. etc …

Well, needless to say……

I wanted to create a place that people (athletes, parents of athletes, adults, coaches, trainers, therapists, physicians, surgeons, educators, students) can go to for information.

SO- I developed the “ACL Lab”

The ACL Lab is a membership only website.

It will be FREE to join.  ***Click Here to become a member***

I wanted to make it very easy and accessible for people to find any and all information an the ACL.

Our focus will be very simple.

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Discussion

and coming soon!

  • Online ACL Testing/Screening

So please visit us often, share this information, discuss and if you have a specific topic you would like to know more about please just ask and we will answer.

Till next time,

Jim Wnek